Retro Basket - Small
Sun Jellies

Retro Basket - Small

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The Retro Basket is the Sun Jellies original classic jelly bag, famous in Europe and America.

A Retro Basket is not just a handbag, it’s the most versatile accessory in your wardrobe… use it around the home to store craft projects, kid’s toys, and bits n’ bobs on your desk or dresser! Filled with party treats, it’s the perfect gift basket for every celebration, from Valentine’s and Easter, through to Halloween and Christmas, and of course, your slumber parties, birthday celebrations, and bachelorette parties too!

They are shipped flat and easy to assemble by popping the sides together. Going on vacation? Simply un-pop to flatten so you can pack multiple colours and sizes without using up luggage space. The perfect holiday accessory!

Small: 25.5 x 21 x 11cm

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